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Pressure instruments

Pressure measurement is widely used in industry. There are mainly four types of pressure instruments: Indicators, switches, transmitters and recorders.  Borna system supplies all types of pressure instruments for any typical application from the reputed manufacturers.

Pressure Gauges

  • gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement
  • diaphragm, capsule and Bourdon tube element type.
  • Stainless steel and special material e.g. Hastelloy, Monel etc.
  • All pressure rantings and process connections.
  • Dial size from 50 to 160 mm.

Pressure Switches

  • Many variants such of output signals, switch contacts and measuring systems
  • Pressure gauge switches to indicate the measured value simultaneously
  • ATEX explosion proof and weather proof are available

Pressure Transmitters

  • All industrial approval such as ATEX, FM, CSA, CSA C/US, IEC Ex, etc.
  • 4-20 mA output with HART, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • Safety Integrated Level (SIL)
  • 316L, Alloy C, PTFE and many other special material of wetted parts

All of above pressure instruments can be supplied in special design any typical application and with various type of diaphragm seals. Please contact us for more information