About The Company

BORNA SYSTEM is an Iranian process instrumentation and control (I&C) company provides clients with following services in oil and gas, petrochemical, steel and iron ore, copper, alumina and aluminum, cement, chemicals, acids and other industries.

  • Design and engineering
  • Supply of instruments, valves, analyzers etc.
  • Control and safety systems engineering and integration
  • Field support and after sale services

Based on two decades of engineering background we help our clients to select the best solution for their technical issues where they are not sure about their selected solution. As we supply complete set of services in I&C field, our clients does not need to go to other companies for each separate case.

Always we do our services according to latest national and international standards and regulations.

More details in each section of our services are as follows:
Design and engineering:

  • Producing I&C documents of projects
  • Procurement engineering services
  • Consultancy and MC services

Supply of instruments, valves, analyzers etc.:

  • Transmitters, switches and indicators
  • Control valves including throttling and shut-off, safety and relief valves, rupture disks, pressure and temperature regulators
  • Gas and liquid analyzers
  • Weighting systems and load cells
  • Conveyor switches and alarm devices such as horns and flashers.
  • Work shop and calibration equipment
  • Corrosion monitoring devices
  • Instrument bulk material including cable, JB, gland, fitting and tube

Engineering and integration of control and safety systems:

  • Control systems including PLC and DCS
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • SCADA and RTU

Field support and after sale services:

  • Loop check and commissioning
  • Control and safety systems commissioning